Whats your Name?

Uldis Ķemers

Whats your Age?

23 years

How long have you been practicing CrossFit?

One year and 2 months

What motivates you about CrossFit?

I like how in CF you become well rounded. It’s not just plane running, weightlifting or just gymanstics. To be good in CF you need to be good in all those things! That is why I like CF.

Also it is good way how to get all the crap/stress out of the system. If had a stresfull day, can get that all out by pushing yourself in WOD.

What is your Goal in CrossFit?

Couple of reasons! , I like to push myself –getting better and better, to feel fit and strong and also look good 😀

So far what is your main weakness and strength?

Since before CF I was training for 6 years in athletics (running long distances), my strong side is running and endurance parts of WOD’s. My weakest areas are snatch, ring dips and muscle ups – need to master those!

So far which movement do you like more and dislike more in CrossFit?

Not sure If I have exact one favorite WOD but I like HERO WOD’s because I like to mentally push myself.

What do you like about CrossFit4Life Box?

I like the environment there, everyone is friendly, cool people. Being part of a community!