An athlete of the month is that athlete who shows commitment, someone who push him/herself during every WOD, an athlete who listen and focus on improvements, an athlete who supports others to finish , is an example to others.

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Davis Rozentals (May 2016)

Our Athlete of the month is Davis Rozentals, an athlete who has been consistent on trainings focusing on a main target, which is loosing weight. He started this February, being 114kg by that time, loosing 7,5kg at end of May, reaching 106,5kg, his Target is under 100kg!.

Meet our Athlete Davis,

My name is Davis, im 26 years old.
I work as construction manager at road construction company. My hobbies are travelling and sports! one of it is skying, I have been plenty of times in the Alpes! and one of my best experiences has been travelling to USA, driving from Los Angeles to San Francisco, the best trip ever!! fully recommended! Sun, cliffs, huge trees, waves, lazy seals!

My main motivation is to finally get fit! As I always been rounded, so i have finally decided to change that in my life. Also, i have found a sport (crossfit) that keeps motivated, it doesnt get bored, because everyday there is something different.

I like partner WODs, because it motivates you more! And I hate wallballs! Is there anyone who likes wallballs? lol!!

My main target is to get under 100kg! And I hope i will reach it someday, and then able to compete at internal competition!

I like CF4life, because we have a great community, people push each other forward, so its easier to success!


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