Box: A CrossFit gym
WOD: Workout of the Day
AMRAP: As Many Repetitions (or Rounds) As Possible in an specific time (e.g 8min, 20min etc..)
As Rx’d: As CrossFit prescribed – the suggested parameters for a given exercise (weight for example)
PB: Personal Best
PR: Personal Record
Rep: A repetition
Set: A group of repetitions
AS: Air Squat
BP: Bench Press
BS: Back Squat
BW: Body weight
CFT: CrossFit Total – The combined weight of your max squat, press, and deadlift
Chipper: A workout with many reps and many movements which are normally very skillful
C&J: Clean and Jerk
CTB or C2B: Chest to Bar
DL: Dead lift
DU’s: Double Unders – two turns of the jump rope per jump
EMOM: Every Minute on the Minute do certain work (Reps)
FS: Front Squat

HSPU: Hand Stand Push-Up
KB: Kettle Bell
K2E: Knees to Elbows
MetCon: Metabolic Conditioning
MOBWOD: Mobility work
MU: Muscle Up – A combination of a pull-up and a ring dip
OH: Overhead
OHS: Overhead squat
OTM: On the Minute
PJ: Push Jerk
PP: Push Press
PU: Pull Up or Push Up
SDHP: Sumo Dead lift High Pull
SJ: Split Jerk
SP: Shoulder Press
Tabata: A protocol of 20 seconds of exercise followed by 10 seconds of rest
TGU: Turkish Get Ups
TtB or T2B: Toes to Bar
UB: Unbroken
WB: Wall Balls